24 Hour Emeregency Electrician
in North Hollywood
for Residential and Commercial

North hollywood

Call Us: (818)924-4977

24 Hour Emeregency Electrician
in North Hollywood
for Residential and Commercial

North hollywood

Call Us: (818)924-4977

Leonel Electric Service North Hollywood

Are you looking for a reliable residential and commercial electrician North Hollywood people? Then contact us. Because Leonel Electric Service provides superior, innovative and cost-friendly electrical solutions.

We are serving residential and commercial customers. This with electricians who are committed to provide. This with the most advanced electrical services to our customers.

At Leonel Electric Service, we promise our customers a 24 hour availability. So we can make sure you can avoid electrical downtime at any time. Therefore, our emergency electricians will be able to arrive to you. This fast, and solve you electrical problems.

Leonel Electric Service is proud of being a budget-friendly, 24 hour electrical service, in North Hollywood. We are also always committed to delivering excellence.

The electrical services team at Leonel has all-round expertise. Therefore, there is no electrical installation service that is too big or too small for our electricians. So you can be sure that we take every electrical job in the same professional manner. Therefore, when you hire Leonel Electric Service for your electrical installation or repair services in North Hollywood, you are assured excellence.



Fast and Efficient Emergency Electrician

Electrical emergencies can cost a huge amount of money. It can also risk life. So it is important that every residential and commercial owner, have a reliable electrical emergency company they can call. This in any case of electrical faults.

At Leonel Electric Service, we are known for providing our customers a fast and efficient 24 hour response whenever there is an emergency of electrical nature. Therefore, whenever you are experiencing an electrical fault our electricians are ready to respond to the emergency.

All you need to do is to call (818) 924-4977, give us your address and we will send our team. In order to have this 24 hour service towards electrical emergencies, we have teams strategically located around your neighborhood. Read more about our emergency electrician service.


Ceiling Fan Installation Services

We are among North Hollywood’s best electrical services companies. So for superior ceiling fan installation in North Hollywood region. Then talk to Leonel Electric Service.

We are offering replacement and installation of the ceiling fans. Which we have many years experience of. So we understand every aspect in ceiling fan installations, such as location, fan flow volume etc. Therefore, when you seek our expertise, you re guaranteed unbeatable quality.

Our team will ensure fast and efficient service delivery, while being affordable.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Leonel Electric Service provides the best electrical panel upgrade services in North Hollywood. Simply because for the years, we have been doing it. By serving North Hollywood residents and commercial clients, we truly understand the different requirements. Such as when it comes to the requirements and code for electrical panels.

Our experienced team will look at the electricity consumption and advise you on the best electrical panel upgrade. This by also taking into consideration future changes. So call us today for a reliable electrical panel upgrade.


Installation or Upgrade of Electrical Switches

The electrical switches play a very important role when it comes to connecting appliances and lighting a home. Just like the other electrical installations, there might be a requirement to upgrade the electrical switches. When you want to upgrade the electrical switch, hire a reliable electrician who will advise you on the best switches to serve your requirements. At Leonel Electric Service, we provide the best electrical switch installation services. By hiring our electricians, you are assured that we will provide the best services that satisfy your needs.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

For electrical troubleshooting services, contact Leonel Electric Service. Because we the North Hollywood most experienced electrical services company.

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment helping us in the electrical troubleshooting. Therefore, we will ensure a fast response and our team will advise you on the best repair services


Fast and Cheap Electrical Services

Leonel Electric Service provides fast response to customers who report electrical faults. We have many years of experience providing the best electrical services. So when you hire us we will be glad to assist you.

To schedule an electrician North Hollywood folks, contact Leonel Electric Service on (818) 924-4977. And you’ll be assisted by one of North Hollywood’s fastest and most affordable electrical services provider.


  • For any work related to an electrician in North Hollywood, there is only one company you should call, and it is Leonel Electric Service for the best service.

    • Maurice Guinan
  • I used the services of Leonel Electric Service, and I have got to say, they are the best in this business who provide the best electrician services.

    • William Pate
  • The power main at my home broke down last night, and I called Leonel Electric Service. These guys responded quickly and fixed my issue in very little time.

    • Allen Koch
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